illion Brochure

Typography & Editorial

ILLION is a brochure about a Japanese singer-songwriter, illion (Yojiro Noda). The brochure introduces illion through an interview, biography, and discography. 


According to illion's music style (alternative rock and pop), the brochure combines some elements from his music and his personalities as the mood for the design. For example, he uses elements that are in short and fast beats which are relaxed and freestyle. It creates space for the listeners to imagine. The editorial design and typography had designed in an abstractive way in order to match illion's style. 

I use an article about Illion (Yojiro Noda) interviewed by Mark Beaumont as the introduction for this booklet. For clarifying each question, I create a circular shape of the image because it represents a disc which implies that Illion (Yojiro Noda) as a music artist.


For the biography, I separate into two sections: his early life and solo career. VTC Roughedup is a great font for highlighting the titles. It brings out the freestyle feeling in his music. 


UBU was the first solo album by Illion (Yojiro Noda). It is a significant album to introduce Illion's music. I also add the lyrics of Brain Drain which is the first song in the album on the right page of the spread.





Instructor: Adam Antoszek-Rallo

Winter 2016




Article: Meet Yojiro Noda – Tokyo’s Answer To Thom Yorke written by Mark Beaumont

Brochure information: Wikipedia

Music Cover: UBU album by Illion (Yojiro Noda)